2021 Volunteer Spotlight – Mona Cedillo


1. Full Name: Mona Cedillo
2. How long have you volunteered for Homegrown? 2 years
3. What is your favorite Homegrown memory? Showing up at a pub for a shift in venue manager and seeing a table filled with priests. I was surprised and as I walked by, said “How about that, I actually walked into a place where a priest walked into a bar, too bad I don’t have a good joke to go with the moment”.
4. How has music helped you through the pandemic thus far? It has been encouraging and helped me grieve moments I miss getting out. Music also reminds me of good times and fun memories with friends. Gives me hope that one day to be back enjoying music, seeing friends and loved ones again.
5. Do you have any advice for future Homegrown Volunteers?
1) Be flexable!
2) Try to arrange at least one shift that lets you off early so you can enjoy the rest of the bands playing at whatever venue you work at.
3) Get a schedule and plan on seeing at least one new group. Make a point to discover one new band.
4) Control your liquor! Don’t ruin a good night or rosk getting kicked out for being rude or getting sick. Don’t drink and drive.
5) Remember to high five and be respectful with other Homegrown volunteers and staff. Bring enthusiasm and dance like no one is watching.

Thank you to all of our volunteers! We would not be able to have the festival without your help. 


Sign up for your HGMF volunteer shifts today: https://duluthhomegrown.org/volunteer/


The third evening of the Homegrown journey begins at 6 p.m. at a stellar new venue, Ursa Minor Brewing. Put on your boogie shoes for Dance Attic, the quirky, upbeat accordion/guitar duo.

If you missed the first showing of the Homegrown Music Video Festival, there’ll be a an encore presentation at 7 p.m. at Zinema 2.

A concentration of Canal Park venues within easy walking distance of one another gives festival goers the option of popping in for few songs here and a few songs there. Amazing Grace will host foot stompin’ country gospel tunes by the Holy Hootenanners. Dyad will be dropping delectable beats at Vikre Distillery, which should pair well with those classy cocktails

Per usual, Grandma’s Sports Garden hosts the most substantial show of the night. Glen’s Neighbor will set the stage with some rockin’ Americana.

Next up is Ingeborg von Agassiz, who is “pumped” for the set. It’s the largest Homegrown venue yet for the enchanting electronic folk artist whose mortal name is Emma Rustan. “Homegrown helped to inspire me to get my act together (literally) back before I ever performed live,” says Rustan.

What can the uninitiated expect from the show? “I’m gonna bust out some new tunes and you may even see me step away from my rig and dance or something,” quips Rustan. “No, I will definitely not dance. But I may shimmy.”

The Slamming Doors follow Rustan with their lively brand of roots rock. Capping it off, Big Wave Dave & the Ripples will bring the funk and keep the crowd shaking.

2019 Duluth Homegrown Music Festival Registration Closes 1/1/19!

Wake the kids, tell the neighbors, registration for the 2019 Duluth Homegrown Music Festival opens Thanksgiving (11/ 22/2018) and will remain open until New Years Day (1/1/2019). At that point, registration will be closed and no further applications will be accepted. Please stand by. We will be posting the link to the registration form this Thursday.