2023 T-Shirt Artist: Jillian Dollars

This is our spotlight on this years t-shirt artist, Jillian Dollars.

1. How did you get involved in the arts?
I was born into a family of artists.  Drawing and painting and making things are innate for me and they are what makes me the happiest.
2. Who are artists that you admire?
So so many!  I admire so many of my fellow illustrators and painters and mixed media artists and tattooers locally and across the country and world.  I follow and am inspired by so many.  Right now, I am very enamored with the work of Bisa Butler (@bisabutler).  She creates large scale super vibrant portraits from a variety of fabrics that she cuts and layers and stitches.  They are astonishing.  You must see them!
3. Where can people find your art and more about you?
You can see my tattoo work and other artwork on Insta @jilliandollarsink and I just started a new account of just artwork @oddlyjillustrated.  Any art shows or sales that I have coming up will be posted there.  You can also visit inktattoosuperior.com.  Thanks!
4. What is your greatest accomplishment so far in your career?
My greatest accomplishment is truly loving what I do and making people happy through my art.  I love tattooing and making art more now than I ever have.  Also, making a living off of making art is pretty cool.
5. Do you have any words of wisdom for those starting off in the art world?
Whatever your medium is, do it as much as you can.  You can only get better by practicing your art.  Seek out other artists for support and collaboration and inspiration.  You should always have a motley crew of fellow creative weirdos around you.