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We do not currently issue any form of press or photo pass for any business or individuals.

Email our current volunteer coordinator Jenny Armstrong at jenny@duluthhomegrown.org or keep an eye on our website and social media pages for volunteer needs. Volunteers who work even one shift get a complimentary week-long pass to the festival and a T-shirt for helping us out.

A sub-committee made up of members of our festival steering committee go through the applications and work hard to put together a festival consisting of established acts, new acts and a wide variety of music!

Email dereck@duluthhomegrown.org for ad rates.

Our application goes live on this site on Thanksgiving and stays open until New Year’s Day. Filling out the application is the only way to be considered for the festival.

Homegrown does not place Food Trucks during the Festival. You will need to contact venues on your own and work out details with them to be placed outside of their business during Festival week. However, if you would like your business to become a Festival sponsor contact Dereck@DuluthHomegrown.org

Contact Kelly@DuluthHomegrown.org to discuss details!

We require that applicants are either based in Duluth or the close surrounding area, or have ties to the area. Explaining how you are connected to the area, whether currently or in the past, will help your chances of being selected. We do not accept non-local acts or random out-of-state bands, etc.

Send us an email and we are happy to discuss logistics and details with you about future participation. Direct inquiries to cory@duluthhomegrown.org.

The festival typically receives between 250 and 300 applicants each year.

On average, 150 or more.

Homegrown does not place vendors at our events. However, if you would like your business to become a Festival sponsor contact Dereck@DuluthHomegrown.org

Nothing. We simply cannot accept every application that we receive. Unfortunately, we have to reject more than 100 acts each year. Keep doing what you are doing and apply again next year. Just because you were not accepted does not mean you won’t ever make it into the festival. Having links to music or videos will help as well, so include those on your application if you have them.

Send an email with all the details to Admin@DuluthHomegrown.org and we will connect you with the person best fit for your request!

While Homegrown is focused on being a music festival, we do add in other entertainment or showcases as we see fit. Present showcases include the Children’s Music Showcase, the Motion Showcase and a new Variety Showcase. Past festivals have included showcases featuring poetry, photography, music videos, classical music and more. Non-music acts and showcases can vary each year.

Please contact Cory@DuluthHomegrown.org and let him know of any changes. Keep in mind after scheduling we may not be able to accommodate certain expansions  to your band due to venue or production restrictions.

We use volunteers to help work the door at each venue during the shows. They sell and put on wristbands, assist festival goers with questions and act as a liaison between the public and our staff.

A music festival spread out over multiple venues, two cities and eight days with more than 150 acts per year. It happens around the end of April and beginning of May.

An ancillary event held in January at 3-4 venues featuring around a dozen bands. This event is always free to the public and offers a taste of what the full festival has to offer.

All kinds of music! We don’t focus on any one style of music, and we open our application up to all genres!

You can purchase day passes or weeklong wristbands at the majority of the venues participating in the festival right at the door. We also sell tickets through a couple small businesses each year. Keep an eye on our website or social media to see where they are being sold at festival time.

Homegrown is a nonprofit organization made up of a board of directors, two festival directors, a steering committee and a small number of contracted employees who organize and run the festival.

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