2023 Music Festival Theme Nights

Dress to impress! Here is our list of dress up theme nights if you want to patake! Post your pictures with hashtag #hgmf23

25th Homegrown Sunday – 4/30/23
Wear your old homegrown shirts and merch or merch from bands that have played homegrown in the past.

Moody Monday – 5/1/23
Dress like your mood. Happy? Excited? Sad? Groovy? Angry? SHOW us how you feel.

Tacky Tuesday – 5/2/23
Black belt with brown shoes? Stripes and plaid? That sweater your auntie gave you 5 years ago? We don’t care what it is, just make it tacky.

Western Wednesday – 5/3/23
Giddy-up partner! Dress like a cowboy for West Duluth night!

Trick or Treat Thursday – 5/4/23
Brush off those Halloween costumes and head over to Superior for a big costume party.

Formal Friday – 5/5/23
Get fancy with it.

Sexy Saturday – 5/6/23
Show us what you’re working with.

Relaxation Sunday – 5/7/23
It’s recovery time. Wear your comfy clothes and chill out.