2018 Volunteer Spotlight – Sarah Pierce

In the weeks leading up to Homegrown we are featuring some awesome Homegrown Music Festival volunteers! Did you know that Homegrown is run almost entirely by volunteers? Over 150 of them! We mean it when we say that our volunteers truly make this festival happen! 200 bands, 8 nights of local music and art. Our volunteers attend to the doors, manage vibe, deliver field guides, put wristbands on, swipe credit cards, manage crowds, coordinate flow, offer friendly greetings and offer patient encouragement when lines are long or moving slow and SO MUCH MORE!!!

This week’s EXTRAORDINARY volunteer is Ms. Sarah Pierce!

Sarah has been a Homegrown volunteer for 4 years running – and I mean literally running – last year she and her team delivered 8 routes of field guides. If you picked up your field guide in Superior it likely had been set there by her amazing hands!

Field guide distribution is a great way to get your HGMF responsibilities out of the way before the festival even starts! Sarah says her friend Crystal got her into this and the first year it was mostly for the free weeklong pass but she has grown to really enjoy distro.

Pro Tip: “Don’t do it alone. Get a dolly (see pic). Know that if you tell them you are interested in 8 routes they may give them ALL to you” This year we have the routes spread a bit more evenly but we truly appreciate Sarah’s “get it done” attitude last year as we loaded more than 30 boxes of field guides into her car! A 2017 hero in my book!

Sarah’s favorite night of the festival is Canal Park Night, but you could practically hear the agony in her voice as she had to choose. She warns us all not to miss Jaw Knee Vee and Ingeborg von Agassiz.

Sarah loves when it rains meat and when she has more friends when the festival ends than she did when it began. So look for Sarah – make a new friend!

You can join the Homegrown volunteer family at this link: https://airtable.com/shrmkaP5uL89ijBNd