Homegrown is Looking for Steering Committee Members

The Homegrown Music Festival is looking for fresh steering committee members to join our team. If you are interested in joining us in preparations on next year’s festival, please fill out the application below.

Steering Committee Wanted Form

2018 Volunteer Spotlight – Tina Marie Higgins Wussow

Volunteer Spotlight! As the festival approaches and 200+ volunteers prepare for training and scheduling it is never more clear that our volunteers are truly the heart of this festival! This week we want to shine the light on Tina Marie Higgins Wussow! What a superstar! Tina has been producing, curating, and hosting the Homegrown Music Festival Poetry Showcase for three years and it is one of the best events of HGMF! Its always packed – its always amazing – and it’s outgrown every venue it has ever taken place in.

Tina’s favorite day of Homegrown is the final Sunday “The sleepy Sunday brunch with friends, the delirium of it all, all the silly stories from the week floating around, and hugs, lots of hugs”

Tina’s pro tips include a reminder that HGMF is a marathon – pace yourself, slow and steady wins this race. She also feels strongly that Jacob Mahon is not to be missed! (This is not the first time our volunteers have told us this!)

When asked what her favorite Homegrown memory is – “I had just started dating my husband and he said, “I know you’re tired and I know you have to work in the morning but I just need you to trust me.” He brought me to an after party at 2104 and there we danced just a few feet from the Black Eyed Snakes. I had never seen them before and it was pure magic. My exhaustion the next day at work was well worth it. (Also, there was a Sunday about 4-5 years back when the Silk Sheiks played at the Saratoga…there was a Peter Pain fiasco and it was pretty unforgettable.)”

Your favorite Homegrown memory is waiting to be made this year!

We would love to have you as a volunteer – join the team by signing up to volunteer at: https://www.duluthhomegrown.org/volunteer/

2018 Volunteer Spotlight – Sarah Pierce

In the weeks leading up to Homegrown we are featuring some awesome Homegrown Music Festival volunteers! Did you know that Homegrown is run almost entirely by volunteers? Over 150 of them! We mean it when we say that our volunteers truly make this festival happen! 200 bands, 8 nights of local music and art. Our volunteers attend to the doors, manage vibe, deliver field guides, put wristbands on, swipe credit cards, manage crowds, coordinate flow, offer friendly greetings and offer patient encouragement when lines are long or moving slow and SO MUCH MORE!!!

This week’s EXTRAORDINARY volunteer is Ms. Sarah Pierce!

Sarah has been a Homegrown volunteer for 4 years running – and I mean literally running – last year she and her team delivered 8 routes of field guides. If you picked up your field guide in Superior it likely had been set there by her amazing hands!

Field guide distribution is a great way to get your HGMF responsibilities out of the way before the festival even starts! Sarah says her friend Crystal got her into this and the first year it was mostly for the free weeklong pass but she has grown to really enjoy distro.

Pro Tip: “Don’t do it alone. Get a dolly (see pic). Know that if you tell them you are interested in 8 routes they may give them ALL to you” This year we have the routes spread a bit more evenly but we truly appreciate Sarah’s “get it done” attitude last year as we loaded more than 30 boxes of field guides into her car! A 2017 hero in my book!

Sarah’s favorite night of the festival is Canal Park Night, but you could practically hear the agony in her voice as she had to choose. She warns us all not to miss Jaw Knee Vee and Ingeborg von Agassiz.

Sarah loves when it rains meat and when she has more friends when the festival ends than she did when it began. So look for Sarah – make a new friend!

You can join the Homegrown volunteer family at this link: https://airtable.com/shrmkaP5uL89ijBNd

2018 Volunteer Spotlight – Liz Minette

Its Monday – and that means its time for another Homegrown Music Festival Volunteer Spotlight! This week we are celebrating Liz Minette!

Elizabeth has been a proud part of the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival volunteer squad since 2008! She first volunteered at Sir Ben’s when her coworker’s band, Uncle Kenny, was playing. Elizabeth volunteers because she loves Homegrown SO much and wanted a way to be a part of it all! She wants new volunteers to know to make the Field Guide your best friend! Whatever venue you are at be sure you can answer questions about what is going on all around town that night!

When we asked Elizabeth what her favorite night or venue of Homegrown is we thought she would eventually pick every night!
“Oh, favorite venue/night of the festival. . .well, I’m a performer for the Monday night Poetry Showcase, so that’s one of my favorite nights. Over the years Poetry Showcase has had to move to bigger venues – we started out at Teatro Zuccone, then the Underground, now Sacred Heart because, whether it’s second night of Homegrown, or just the fun of seeing and hearing what other poets have brought to read that particular night, Poetry Showcase is always packed. Monday night is always great because EVERYBODY is out and about having a great time! I also love Tuesday Canal Park night. I was Venue Manager at Vikre last year and we were at capacity at 7 pm and pretty much stayed that way for the rest of the night and I was so dang proud! I loved volunteering for the shows at Norm’s for Soup Town Thursdays – I did that for about three years – those shows had the most awesome bands (Dad’s Acid, Charlie Parr, Jim Hall, A Winter Downpour) and people packed in to Norm’s and just had a great time. Wild! Fun! We were always, always busy during those shows and that was fun. I love the West Side Wednesdays too, love working the Clyde shows because it’s the anticipation before the doors open and then all of us volunteers work, I think, really well together to ensure concert attendees have a great time in a great space. I want to challenge myself though this year and work one of the smaller clubs Wednesday night because those venues seem so cool too and feature a lot of great music during Homegrown.”

This year Elizabeth is hoping that Trampled by Turtles make an appearance (dont we all!) but is also eager to take in ALL THE PUNK ROCK shows. WooHoo!

Thank you Elizabeth from the bottom of our hearts – we literally can’t have Homegrown without our army of volunteers!

Join the Homegrown Music Festival volunteer team by clicking this clink! https://airtable.com/shrmkaP5uL89ijBNd