2018 Volunteer Spotlight – Cheyenne Alisankus

Today we introduce one of our Superior Night Superstars – Cheyenne Alisankus!

Cheyenne is a 4 time volunteer with the Homegrown Music Festival! Gimme a HIGH FOUR for Cheyenne! Cough up the extra finger and give our friend a HIGH FIVE when you see her out volunteering! “My favorite night of Homegrown is Soup Town Night, my favorite venue of Homegrown is The Thirsty Pagan – great pizza, great beer c’mon!” What else could you ask for!? Cheyenne made a special request to volunteer at the Pagan again this year and we are bending over backward to honor that request!

When asked why she volunteers for Homegrown she replied: “I’ve been volunteering for Homegrown since I moved to Duluth. There isn’t anything like Homegrown where I’m from, and it’s been a really fun way for me to be apart of the awesome music community Duluth/Superior has. (Plus, being able to get into the whole festival for free is a sweet bonus!)”

To join the homegrown volunteer team sign up at this link: https://airtable.com/shrmkaP5uL89ijBNd