2018 Volunteer Spotlight – Dean Berlinerblau

In the weeks leading up to Homegrown we are featuring some awesome Homegrown Music Festival volunteers!  Did you know that Homegrown is run almost entirely by volunteers?  Over 100 of them! We mean it when we say that our volunteers truly make this festival happen!  200 bands, 8 nights of local music and art.  Our volunteers attend to the doors, manage vibe, deliver field guides, put wristbands on, swipe credit cards, manage crowds, coordinate flow, offer friendly greetings and offer patient encouragement when lines are long or moving slow and SO MUCH MORE!!!

This week we want to make a big shout out to our friend and volunteer Dean Berlinerblau!

Dean says he really likes it when venues host shows during Homegrown that are really different than the music they normally have – tradition needs to be continually expanding!  Dean is a Homegrown Music Festival performer but also takes time out of the festival to volunteer – what a guy!  He says he does that because it is fun to be part of the chaos!  Dean’s expert tip for the festival – “Get out of your comfort zone! Go check out new stuff and meet new people.  Homegrown is like freshman year of college for the entire city of Duluth.  It is a rare occurrence that so many different people gather in the same place at the same time with the social openness that Homegrown permeates.  That abnormal congregation is the most important thing about Homegrown in my opinion.”  What a great way to see festival week!  Dean’s don’t miss event for the 20th annual festival is the Poetry show – this year at the newly reopened NorShore theater!   He won’t be alone in that – the Poetry event has outgrown its venue already 3 times over the years!  Thanks for all you do Dean!

Register to be a Homegrown Music Festival volunteer today: https://airtable.com/shrmkaP5uL89ijBNd