2018 Volunteer Spotlight – Crystal Detlefson

In the weeks leading up to Homegrown we are featuring some awesome Homegrown Music Festival volunteers!  Did you know that Homegrown is run almost entirely by volunteers?  Over 100 of them! We mean it when we say that our volunteers truly make this festival happen!  200 bands, 8 nights of local music and art.  Our volunteers attend to the doors, manage vibe, deliver field guides, put wristbands on, swipe credit cards, manage crowds, coordinate flow, offer friendly greetings and offer patient encouragement when lines are long or moving slow and SO MUCH MORE!!!

This week we want to show a special love to one of our favoritest volunteers, Crystal Detlefson!

Crystal has been a volunteer for Homegrown Music Festival since 2009!  In fact, she fondly recalls seeing the last show that Two Many Banjos played with the original line-up – Luce was so packed they weren’t letting anyone else in!  She used to love the raucous activity of the big shows like Clyde but now finds the most pleasure in the smaller venues and searching out unique acts!

EXPERT TIP: “Don’t let the go-go-go vibe get to ya. Take a breather. Have some fun”  Great advice, I think we all agree!

Favorite Homegrown Memory: Standing outside of RT’s with my friend Ian Alexy, he was telling me a story about how he left one of his guitars up in Duluth and found out a friend had played it. “Don’t touch my woman!”

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Crystal Detlefson!  We are so proud to have you on the Homegrown team!

To join the homegrown volunteer team sign up at this link: https://airtable.com/shrmkaP5uL89ijBNd