Emily Koch

2022 Field Guide Artist – Emily Koch

Name: Emily Koch

How did you get involved in the arts?
I have always known that making art is what makes me happiest. In 2020 I graduated from UW Superior with a fine art degree. Now I’m working in Duluth as a freelance artist!

Who are artists that you admire?
The artists that inspire me most are the many talented creatives within our own community. I feel so excited being able to work alongside dedicated creators; people who are just as enthusiastic about art as I am!

Where can people find your art and more about you?
If you’d like to see more of my work, you can find me online. I’m on Instagram and tik tok, search cherrymcpoppins!

What is your greatest accomplishment so far in your career?
My greatest accomplishment is that I’m able to make a living as an artist. To be honest, it’s something I always dreamed of, but never thought I could achieve. Art is my full-time job now. I’m proud of myself for making it work!

Words of wisdom for those starting out in the Art world?
For anyone new to art, I think a big challenge is to get past the idea that everything you make is going to be perfect. If you can release yourself from your own high standards, making art becomes easier!


“Burger Blues” 40×40. Model: Taylor Johnson. Mixed Media on wood panel.
“Mary” 68×40. Model: Carsen Wetzel. Oil on wood panel
“Birthday Weak” 40×40. Model: Henriette Soderlind. Mixed Media on wood panel.