2019 Volunteer Spotlight – Alison Moffat


Alison joined us as a Homegrown volunteer for the first time in 2018 but she has been a dedicated attendee since 2012!

Alison thinks the trolley is the best venue of the festival with its amazing energy and intimate setting.  She is not alone in that!

She decided to volunteer to become more active in the festival she loves.  She had a great time volunteering last year – especially enjoying interacting with fans as a representative of the festival.  The found the volunteer training really useful and pointed out that the Men as Peacemakers bystander intervention training was a highlight – offering practical strategies that have stuck with her beyond the festival.  

Alison’s Pro Tip: Don’t get too attached to your ‘to-do” list.  She says this with love because she is a self described over ambitious Homegrown list maker.   Wander around a but and pop into an unfamiliar venue; check out a band you’ve never heard of. These are spontaneous delights that make Homegrown a special event.

Alison says she will always show up for whatever Todd Gremmels is doing.

Alison volunteered with her hubby last year and we gave them one of the weirdest shifts of the festival – the door at Blacklist on the night TBT was doing their secret show at Luce.  As the closest venue selling wristbands we knew they were going to get crushed but we couldn’t tell them why we staffed that door so heavily. LOL They were such good sports and we thank them for that!  Can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Sign up for your HGMF volunteer shifts today: https://duluthhomegrown.org/volunteer/