2019 Volunteer Spotlight – Zachary Mattox


Zachary joined the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival volunteer team in 2018 because he enjoyed HG so much and wanted to be a part of the crew behind it.  In his first year as a volunteer Zach worked two shifts and we saw him at out rocking at the venues every night!

Zach’s pro-tip is to have the HGMF volunteers put your wristband on your ankle.

Zach loves every night of Homegrown but West Side Wednesday hold a special place in his heart because he loves out West – making it extra fun.   In fact his favorite ever Homegrown memory is from Westside Wednesday in 2017 when he ran into Bella Larson and the Scene Kids and enjoyed a little pre-game action in the new tour van.  Zach lent the band some camping gear so they would be all ready to rock their tour!

When you see Zach at the door this Homegrown give our buddy a big high five!  We are so lucky to have him on our team.

Sign up for your HGMF volunteer shifts today: https://duluthhomegrown.org/volunteer/