Since Saturday’s schedule boasts 52 acts spread across 15 venues, it’s best approached like a marathon, not a sprint. Jumpstart the day with the Rock ’n’ Run, led by Alan Sparhawk. If you don’t want to be left behind, Sparhawk suggests being at Chester Bowl’s ball field at 10:30 a.m. sharp.

The Homegrown Kickball Classic is scheduled for noon. It’s always an interesting mix of team spirit, athletic ineptitude, and general shenanigans. This year is sure to be a competitive spectacle, with the Rawkers and Rollers tied in the all-time series.

After the game, there’s time for a power nap before the big show at the newly restored NorShor Theatre. Scott “Starfire” Lunt, the person whose birthday bash spawned Duluth’s finest rawk fest two decades ago, curates it.

“It’s 20 years of Homegrown. The NorShor is back. Music needed to happen there,” Starfire says. “So I willed it into being.”

The variety show harkens back to early days of the fest, with short performances by Ballyhoo, Mark Lindquist, and Father Hennepin, as well as plenty of surprises.

Later in the evening, Tribal Alchemie belly dancers and the Spin Collective fire dancers will heat up the Minnesota Power Plaza.

The Owls Club Big Band will dominate the stage at R.T. Quinlan’s, with its 18 members and improvised big-band jazz numbers.

“As far as we know we’re the only jazz big band to appear this year, and we’re not sure when the last time was, if ever,” says trombonist and band manager Alex Nordehn.

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