Zeb or Zeke and the Run Away Screamings

This one-person band, known as ZOZATRAS to lone member Luke Moravec, played a show called One-Man Mania this past year with Robot Rickshaw and Jaw Knee Vee and fit right in. “Righty-tighty on bass drum and crash cymbal,” the multi-personality Moravec says, inspired by Scooby-Doo skiffle. “Paul Pfeiffer: Bone Collector on snare, Roxie on keys, Dr. Pinch on lead and rhythm guitar, and Luke Moravec handling lead vocals.” All goofballs, Moravec says. There have been numerous ZOZATRAS shows in the past three years, including 17 in 2018. Tiring, but it all works according to Moravec. “With four appendages, it’s just enough body to play all of these instruments at the same time.”


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