God’s Holy Blood

Would anyone care about Kiss if its members wore shorts and T-shirts and forwent stage makeup? Slipknot without the masks? Would King Diamond pass for your uncle who hangs out at the bait shop? Duluth’s stoner/doom metal act God’s Holy Blood doesn’t leave it up to chance by adding a dedicated theatrical element to their heavy riffs and otherworldly vocals. Corpse paint, bondage wear and elaborate stage lighting help create the atmospheric mood for a band seemingly born of some kind of Nordic infernal ritual. And yeah, the band may have the best stage names in Duluth with Saint Stella Gothica (Starr Brainard) on vocals, Lord Lucien Fröstaxe (Andy Lipke) on guitar, Sigemund the Warlock (Kyle Anderson) on bass and Azrael Belphegor (Walter Wedan) on drums. But all the theatrics don’t matter if the music isn’t good. Not to worry, the steak matches the sizzle.


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