Fuzz Lung

Following a couple of name changes and short-lived lineup alterations, Fuzz Lung has moved from attic jam sessions to cementing its place in the Duluth “underground” circuit. Whether it’s the intimate settings of the Rabbit Hole or the basement show vibes of R.T. Quinlan’s (the latter is where a portion of their full-length album was recorded), Fuzz Lung fills all spaces with loud, fast and weird rock and roll. Led by Keith Dust and Zach Dornfeld, who wield the duo guitar and vocal attack flanked by drummer Josh Palmer and bassist Anthony Brown, Fuzz Lung is prepping a bunch of new material and will be ready to record again in 2024. Anyone into the Butthole Surfers or any of John Dwyer’s dozen or so projects will feel right at home at a Fuzz Lung show. Bring ear protection.

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