Father Hennepin

Father Hennepin is the original Homegrown house band. The self-proclaimed “Duluthicana” group emerged in 1998 as part of a celebration of Scott “Starfire” Lunt’s 30th birthday. That initial shindig sparked two decades of rawk and roll festivities. In their 20 years together, some of the band’s members have transitioned from parents to grandparents. “We’re a bunch of old geezers still playing together,” jokes Lunt. “We all still enjoy it. The magic still kindles up when we get together.” Lunt contributes vocals as well as guitar, along with Ted Anderson. Susan Ludwig’s on squeezebox while Brad Nelson and Bob Olson round out the hybrid country sound with drums and bass, respectively. Expect some new material for Fat Hen’s set as well as potential guest artists.


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