Duluth Dolls Burlesque and Cabaret Dance

The Duluth Dolls have been entertaining audiences with their uninhibited and playful burlesque performances since 2012. The dolls also teach body-positivity workshops, using basic dance techniques to help instill confidence and enable participants to better appreciate and love the bodies they live in. What can newbies expect from a Duluth Dolls show? Director Miss Tallulah Creant (Erin Tope) explains: “We range anywhere from a classic strip tease to a full-on jazz dance group number and we always try to incorporate comedy into our shows. No sense in taking ourselves too seriously!” The cast also includes: Velvet Noir, Aurora Borealis, Stella Blue, Danie Jimenez, Ultra Violet, Viktor Vonne, Khaleesi Khaos, Veronica Vixen, Madame Tushe, Scarlett Muse and Roxxie Nyx.


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