Brinn Major

Summer 2023 saw Superior-based rapper Brinn Gordon closing the chapter on a decade of performing under the moniker of Illyrik and emerging with a new alias inclusive of a nonbinary identity and the desire to unapologetically tell that story. The era of Brinn Major came with an official debut album in 2023, Spectrum: Vol. 1, that included features from Eddie Cane, Cloquet’s ChilWil and Brinn’s younger brother Jimmi Gordon. Brinn started writing raps around age nine but it wasn’t until they freestyled with the basketball team at Fond du Lac that they felt encouraged to bring it to the public. It’s been 13 years performing hip hop, and Brinn feels inspired once again and is bringing others along for the ride, hoping to expand a solo set into a live band project in time for Homegrown. Be on the lookout for Major’s Manifest: Vol. 2 in 2024.


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