2021 Homegrown Application

Please stay tuned for registration details for the 2021 festival year!

Homegrown Band guidelines

• Arrive Early: Load in at least 30 minutes before your slot. Plan on venues being at capacity when doing load in.

• Plan to Share Gear: Bands have 15 minutes to change over, which means 7.5 minutes to get on and 7.5 minutes to get off. Check your schedule and contact the other bands about back-lining. Set up your gear as early as possible. Please note that at some venues backstage space may be limited.

  • No Guest Lists: Each band member is given a wristband for full access to all Homegrown events throughout the week. You must have listed all band members on your online registration form in order to receive the appropriate number of passes. If you have band members who are in other bands, their wristbands might be in another band’s packet and not yours. New additions and “special guests” will need to purchase a wristband.
  • Be Polite: Introduce yourself to venue managers and sound engineers so they recognize you should you have any problems. Be aware that along with the venue owner, venue managers have the authority to stop the show for any reason.
  • Be Professional: Have reasonable expectations for sound engineers.
  • Be Flexible: Sometimes shows run behind. You may be asked to shorten your set.
  • Be Epic: It’s Homegrown for cripes sake. There are no bad slots. Play the best show you can muster up, in spite of any adversity that comes your way.
  • Respect the Venues: No pyro or needless trashing of the stages. If you make a mess, clean it up.
  • Follow the Guidelines to Get Paid: Acts are eligible to be paid $75. We ask you to e-mail admin@duluthhomegrown.org to request your stipend. Send the e-mail after the festival, but before May 15. Make sure to specify the name of your band, and include a mailing address. A check will be sent to you before the end of the month. If you don’t request it, it stays in the kitty, and the chicken thanks you for your service. Some bands donate their pay to the festival, which is great, but performers are in no way obligated to do so.
  • Free-drink Benefits May Vary: Some venues provide two free drinks to each person in the bands playing there, smaller venues may provide one, but some venues do not.


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