Homegrown Photo Show

Themes: The photo show is open for photographs depicting musicians from the Duluth/Superior area, and the scene that happens around them. Theme is not limited to just photographs of musicians performing. Think of subjects such as portraits of artists, crowd scenes at shows, or other ancillary events. Stretch the limits and surprise us! Please use the description field to indicate how it applies to the scene if it isn’t obvious from the photo.

  1. Submissions will be accepted until April 1st, 2019
  2. Exhibition is open to all skill levels of photographers.
  3. You may submit up to ten photographs. Submitting the maximum amount is encouraged.
  4. The jurying is done blindly, so please submit unwatermarked images 1000px ~ 1500px wide for jurying.
  5. Those selected for the show will be asked to provide a larger digital file for printing.
  6. Photographers with many strongly juried photographs may get multiple pieces in the show.
  7. Top twentyish juried photos will go on display starting the week of Homegrown 2019.
  8. Accepted entrants receive a week long wrist band. Top entries may receive bonus swag.
  9. Homegrown Music Festival will take care of printing and the framing all of the selected photographs.
  10. Photographers retain all rights to submitted and accepted photographs.
  11. Any questions about the Photo Show may be directed at kip@duluthhomegrown.org

How are the images selected?

The selection process is modeled after how the McKnight Photography Fellowship was juried. The show is typically juried by three or four people consisting of Homegrown steering committee members, and other members of the art community.

Once the registration deadline has passed, each juror is presented with every image submitted, one by one in a random order. Registration details aside from the provided caption and description are withheld to keep a degree of anonymity so that each photograph can be assessed on its merits.

Once all the votes have been cast, the photographs are assessed in a highest to lowest rated order. The highest rated image from each photographer is selected, with three additional slots available for the first three photographers who appear on the list twice. These three photographers are awarded space for two pieces in the exhibit. From there the top-rated image, in order of juror rating is selected until the wall space if all accounted for.

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