Solomon Witherspoon has been a soul singer since childhood, first performing at church with the Witherspoon family choir. Circa 2002 Solomon joined siblings Sebastian and Stephan in the rhythm and blues bar-band Soul Profits. After a stint fronting a Twin Cities-based funk and soul outfit, Witherspoon returned home to Duluth and in 2017 became partners with Bob Monahan at the Red Herring Lounge. At Solace Studios in the Red Herring’s basement, Witherspoon runs a sort of cooperative, offering everything from recording time and space, to mixing and mastering, to instrument and voice lessons. At the Herring’s fourth annual Super Big Block Party, Witherspoon debuted the current band, conveniently made up of the studio’s top students and teachers. The Homegrown iteration will include Jamain Aikens, Amy O’Brien, Todd Garland and Owen Mahon. Witherspoon’s most recent album is 2013’s Starlight.


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