Paper Parlor

This six-piece blues/funk/rock/jam ensemble has “a focus on groove and energy,” says percussionist Zach Shears. The band released an LP in June titled Hey, Frankie! and was in the studio again this past winter to record another. Tony Bennett, in a review of last year’s album in the Duluth News Tribune, noted the guitar work of Moriah Skye: “Her playing is largely blues-based, but it’s also psych-flecked and even contains streaks of heavy-metal shredding.” Wilson Johnson keeps the bass going with Chad Hofland on drums. Kirdan Wenger hits the guitar and vocals while Allison Payonk plays the saxophone. Be glad they are on the schedule this year. Last year the sextet had to play a side-show at Sir Ben’s on the last day of Homegrown after forgetting to sign up in time. Hey, they were busy recording. Lessons learned.


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