MRS. & the Sordid Affairs

To paraphrase the sentiment of songwriter and guitar shredder Moriah Robyn Skye, MRS. & the Sordid Affairs is a rock band, “for lack of a better term,” with intent to create music that gives the audience a palpable emotional response while portraying the far too often unpleasantness of being visibly queer musicians in a violent and paranoid patriarchy. Skye’s words cut deep, ranging from mental illness to homelessness, discrimination and abuse. The trio is completed with Sammi “Green Grapes of Wrath” Williams on drums and Kirdan “Magick” Fielding Wenger on five-string bass. Blending influences from doom metal to folk, the progressive song styles are laden with huge sounds and aggressive, head-banger riffs. A four-track EP, Thick, was released in December.


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