Daniel Oluwaseyi Oyinloye

Daniel Oluwaseyi Oyinloye is a Nigerian-born artist, storyteller and community organizer who draws inspiration from faith, using passion and talent for storytelling as a catalyst for healing. The multifarious artist has worked as an independent filmmaker and musician since 2008 and is in the process of releasing his fifth solo album, Universe. Oyinloye has performed with the band 2one8 and under the aliases DSP, TommyDan and Goody Goody. The music can’t be boxed into a particular genre, but Oyinloye describes it as “Afrobeat integrated with hip-hop culture,” with lyrics covering a range of emotions and subject matters. Oyinloye’s first Homegrown performance will include Brian Mochere, also known as DJ Calvin, as well as logistical assistance from Sandra Gbeintor.


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