Boss Mama and the Jebberhooch

Mahtowa-based singer/guitarist Colleen Myhre put out a note to the world in 2019 with the release of the album Boss Mama. In the lower right corner of the album cover are the words “just getting started.” Though she’d been performing for more than 20 years, she was indeed just getting started. Collaborations with a slew of the region’s musicians led to the gradual and seemingly ongoing formation of Boss Mama and the Jebberhooch, a band that pushes Myhre’s country soul to new levels with deep grooves and a visible sense of joy. The band typically features Jeff Gilbertson on bass, Jacob Mahon on guitar and Owen Mahon on drums. Other musicians potentially joining in the jebberhoochery at Homegrown include Caleb Anderson, Nate Hynum, Bryan “Lefty” Johnson and Cavan Denning.


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