Anatomy of Ruminants

“This kind of sounds like the forest is singing to us,” declared an observer of a 2018 performance at Blush by Anatomy of Ruminants. “I don’t know if I should celebrate or be afraid.” Oscillating between an ethereal mix of synthesizers and effects processors and the unearthly distorted vocals of Tina Fox, the mood created by Anatomy of Ruminants can feel at times both welcoming and forbidding. Joined by fellow experimentalists Kenneth Bressler, Ian Erickson and Kirden Wegner, it is Fox who is the center of attention as new sounds are added on top of each nuanced vocal layer. Sometimes the voice is the driving force, other times it’s a reaction. At times, Anatomy of Ruminants is guiding audiences through an ambient space journey; sometimes it’s a black metal show mutated by electronic machines. It’s never the same and it’s always worth getting there early to take the voyage.


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