Actual Wolf

Wolves aren’t traditionally migratory animals, nor do they tend to display natal homing, however Eric Pollard, aka Actual Wolf, has always stood out from the pack. Raised in Grand Rapids, Pollard became a fixture on Duluth stages in early adulthood, usually behind a microphone and a drum set. Winding through the early days of jam bands, psychedelic rock and some legal missteps, Pollard picked up an acoustic guitar and returned to the country music of youth, launching Actual Wolf a little more than seven years ago. After some time in California, Pollard returned to Duluth and became a parent at the end of 2018. The band led by Pollard will feature a stage full of players including Al Church, Misisipi Mike Wolf and Ian Taylor Sutton sharing guitar duties, Kirby Hammel on keys and a rhythm section of Ted O’Connell on bass and Andrew Griffin on the drums. The most recent Actual Wolf album is 2017’s Faded Days.


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