Eric Pollard & Friends

What happens when the artist known as Actual Wolf has band members from California who can’t make it to Duluth in time for a Friday gig? Eric Pollard moves the Actual Wolf gig to Sunday afternoon and fills the Friday slot with the finest hometowners available, that’s what happens. Who’ll be joining Pollard on stage? Marc Gartman seems likely. Maybe more, maybe less. Even Pollard might not know until showtime.

Paul Cerar

Lonely rocker Paul Cerar mines dark and difficult writing themes and matches the words with a high-energy, guitar-driven 1990’s sound. The 2018 EP Happy Birthday roars like a mine-pit dump truck driven by Matthew Sweet hauling 300 tons of used Green Day CDs. A founding member of Mint Vintage, Cerar goes at it alone in this project, tackling highly personal lyrical themes like tragedy, loss and rediscovery. “I’m not afraid to make music that’s true to myself,” says Cerar, “even if that means others might not get it.”

Homegrown Pub Quiz

The weekly Sunday pub quiz at Carmody is taken over during Homegrown with trivia questions all related to the local music scene in general and the annual music festival in particular. The winning team is awarded a ridiculous prize that has a monetary value somewhere between $1 and priceless.